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Murali Coryell: Home


 Shake-It-Sugar Records announces release of Murali Coryell CD "Made In Texas" Available Worldwide March 5th!

This is the first CD I have done since my father passed away. If anybody has lost a parent they know it is a life-changing experience. Often it causes us to reflect upon what our parents left us even after they are gone. This record is dedicated to my mom and dad may they be happy in Heaven together. People I want to thank in the making of this record.  Guy Ragsdale for transportation and roadie support. Good friend Zach Brown. Chris Alcaraz for playing bass and for the use of his Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier.  Paul Oscher harmonica, piano  and contributing his song  Satan’s Woman. Joe Morales, Alto saxophone. Jimmy Shortell-trumpet. Russell Remington tenor saxophone. Peggy Stern vocals and keyboards. Speedy Sparks bass, Augie Meyers on piano and organ, thanks for contributing the song “all I ever needed”. David Hamburger on pedal steel guitar. House mates, Steve and Buddy. While I was in college in upstate New York I went to visit my dad who showed me a video of the then newly formed supergroup The Texas Tornados on Austin City Limits. Never in my wildest imagination would I have thought I would end up playing with many members of this classic group. Drummer Ernie Durawa being a great musician and friend but also my Texas dad. All of this never would’ve been possible without the encouragement of Ernie since we met over 20 years ago both of us teaching music at the now defunct National Guitar Workshop in Chicago and he said that I should “come to Austin”. He has also been instrumental in helping me choose songs and musicians with whom to collaborate. At the last moment before going to production, I received permission to use a recording of my father and I performing his only live version of “Herman Wright” courtesy of Daniel Meza and Engineer Trevor Thorpe.